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Things never to say to your Farrier

Can you give me some of the Thrush Killer? I know you get it at a big discount!
He doesn't like his feet picked up that high.
I got these shoes at a yard sale. I hope you can make them fit.
Can I mail you a check?
By the way, would you like to sponsor a class in our next horse show? I need the money today.
Oh, didn't I tell you they were mules?
I have those weanlings to do today, if we can catch them we'll just do them in the field.
She's just dancing around because she's tired of standing.
I hope you don't mind me shedding out my horse while you are shoeing him.
Can you put this shoe back on? Our other farrier is busy.
What do you think of the new Show Sheen I'm using? Everything just slides off!
Can you believe he's part Mustang, Appaloosa, and Arabian?
She really likes it if she can eat grass.
Cut the feet short. I want to go as long as possible between trims.
Do you mind if I heat up these hot dogs in your forge?
He never kicked anyone else, you must be doing something wrong
Why don't them shoes last like my truck tires do? They're steel; they should last at least 50,000 miles.
Are you sure you have those on the correct feet?
Now that you're done, could you hold that check till next week?
Can you hurry up and finish these next two? I am going to be late for an appointment! I forgot you were coming.
He always leans on me like that too.
The vet's coming to X-ray hooves tomorrow. Can you come first thing and pull the shoes?
I forgot to tell you when I called that this horse is hard to shoe.
How early do you trim foals?
I have a 2 year old that's a little crooked...
That's not the way they did it on the horseshoeing show. I
f you get done in 30 minutes, you'll be making $160 per hour.
My vet said to call if you need a tranquilizer
Do I need to hold the horse for you, or can you do that too?
Two of his shoes already fell off, so it ought to be easier.
This weanling needs a trim and I figured you could halter break him at the same time.
She only bites men she doesn't know.
That blood had better not be coming from my horse!
My trainer said if you did a better job shoeing we'd be getting MUCH better results at shows.
Oh, he doesn't kick, he just hands them to you kind of fast.
You mean, I have to make an appointment?
Ain't that cute? He can push you right over!
Wait, I'll hose him off before you start.
I've been planning to work with this yearling - just haven't found the time to get him halter trained yet.
He might be a little nervous, he's never been tied up before.
Let me call my friend. He wants to watch how you trim a horse - figures it's easy money.
You finally answered your phone!
The last two farriers couldn't do his back feet, but you've done so well I am sure you can!
He normally doesn't kick.
Hey, that's NOT my horse's name!
He doesn't bite, he just nibbles.
All it takes to be a farrier is a strong back and a weak mind!
He won't stand for me either, but your ad said you were a professional
Can you come back? We are home now.
Let me get my twitch before we get started.
Sooo, when you're finished, do I have to wait an hour before I can ride him/her?
My horse hates men.
Yep, I put that stuff on their feet right before you got here.
Every time we turn him out he throws a shoe.
That don't look that hard!
Isn't it great to be outside all day?
Let me call my neighbors and their 5 kids. They have never seen a horse shod before.
It sure is HOT!
I used to shoe, and I can tell right away if you're doing a good job.
Do those nails hurt him?
He's normally gentle as a kitten, but it is the first time I have had a halter on him.
Honestly, I DO clean his feet
I haven't ever picked up his feet, but he seems real gentle.
Can you put these shoes on good and tight so that they won't come off?
My vet said for you to call him and he will tell you how to shoe my horse.
He kicked the last farrier just like he kicked you.
He's never been that bad!!
What did you do?
The last guy I had won't come any more.
Can you come today?
I left them out in the field because it was such a nice day.
So, how much does your chiropracter run you a month?
Sorry - that's my cell phone. I won't let it ring under this colt's nose again.
He never does that for me.
My horse doesn't kick. ...well he has never kicked before.
Are you busy TODAY?
Can you make his foot smaller?
This is the first time he has EVER lost a shoe.
Since he's a colt, will you charge me half price?
I used to shoe my own horses, but I could never get the angles right.
Do you think you could take a little more off that back foot?
My horse is lame. You must have cut him too short.
Let me help you clear out a place to work,
I've been meaning to get out here and straighten up this old barn
That's not the way the farrier did it back where I come from.
Can you save all the hoof trimmings for my dog?
Boy, you must have a strong back to bend over all day like that.
He's just trying to swat the flies off you.
These shoes have been on for only 12 weeks, and they are getting loose.
If you will just give each of the dogs a piece of hoof they will get out from under the horse and quit fighting.
As much as you charge, I should get to use that truck too.
If you get that done in 30 minutes, you'll be making $160. per hour.
That's not the way they did it on that horseshoeing show.
I see who makes all the money in horses - farriers!
My last farrier couldn't finish - they gave me your name and number.
You don't mind if I feed the other horses, do you?
Are you sure you have them on the correct foot?
If he didn't kick like that, I'd trim him myself.
Would you mind trimming my new BLM mustang?
Can we shoe him in the arena? If he rears in the barn, he hits his head.
You sure earned your money on that one!
I forgot you were coming; I just turned all the horses out.
Can you make it after six, or on Sunday, I have to work.
I just cannot believe that he bit you.
I read all about the Natural Way to trim on the internet, and you're supposed to...
Did that hurt?
I know that he is difficult to shoe, but he is so good on the trails.
It doesn't look like he's leaning from here.
Good morning - glad you're here - can we reschedule? I have a lot going on today.
It's so cool that he can balance on just two feet.
Don't tell my husband that I used the grocery money.
Most times when he kicks, he misses!
Can you shoe him so that he doesn't paw?
Just do the hinds - I'll do the the fronts.
I left the checkbook in the car, and my wife/husband just left - can you bill me? I
'm sure glad you don't mind working on muddy feet.
Does it mean my horses have some sort of deficiency when they chew the paint off your truck like that?
Weneed to keep the price down on this bill.
I got a bargain on these shoes at a rummage sale, could you use them instead and save me some money?
Oops! Wrong horse.
I know I said just a trim, but can we shoe 'em as well?
My weanling colt needs a trim, and I figured you could halter break him at the same time.
I've got a new horse whose feet are in pretty bad shape.
The previous owners said their farrier wouldn't work on him.
I know it's been a long day for you; that's why I saved the worst one for last.
If my other farrier's ribs weren't broken, he'd be able to get shoes on this horse.
It's a good thing you're slow today, or he'd have had shoes on when he kicked your truck.
My grandpa used to shoe horses like you, only he used a sledge and a corn knife.
I don't understand why the shoes didn't stay on. I just had them done 12 weeks ago.
I try to clean out his feet, but it kills my back when he jerks me around that way.
Will you teach me to do that - so I can save some money? And loan me your tools, too?
Oops I forgot my checkbook, can I just pay you next time?
My new trainer wants you to change the way you shoe my horses.
Do you have any _________ (insert color here) shoes?
Can you stay busy doing just shoeing?
Sorry I'm late, couldn't you catch him yourself?
Can I post-date this check?
I'm going inside, the bugs are eating me alive.
Would you mind watching the kids while I go to the store?
I bet you guys get used to being kicked like that, huh?
Hot enough for ya?
Can you sweep up before you leave today?
He's never done that before!
Don't worry, he's just nuzzling you... he's never bitten anyone.
Run the check back through... it's the bank's fault.
So what's the worse horse you ever had to work on, besides mine?
Here's the halter and lead rope. I'll be inside if you need anything.
You charge more for a draft horse?
Could you hurry up? He's starting to get antsy.
Is shoeing horses hard on your back?
I know you said not to put the foundered pony out for grass, but she looked so hungry...
Do you charge less for ponies, since they're smaller?
The shoe just fell off. I don't know how it got all twisted.

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