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CSM HoofCare Client TrippI really appreciate the way you work with me, you don't just come do a quick trim but you let me know what's going on and what I can do to help my horses feet become healthier. You understand how important a horses feet are for their all around health. As far as I know, Tripp has NEVER had his hooves touched before I got him. thank you soo much for spending the time with him and I to teach him that the big scary man with the scary tools isn't actually as bad as he thought! He's looking, moving and feeling better as time goes on. Thank you Chris!

Sam Radesky

CSM HoofCare Client JacksonAs a new owner of a barefoot horse, communication on process and philosophy is very important to me. Chris, at CSM HoofCare, not only provides exceptional care for the horse’s he works with but also includes the owners to educate and encourage an understanding of proper care to support a balanced horse. His knowledge is extensive while his passion for the best possible care for horses is contagious. Many times people are great with horses but not so great with people, or vise versa. Chris is great with both, representing his understanding of the partnership that must exist for a happy horse and owner.

Seanna O’Brien

When I first got my mare, she had an abscess as well as a puncture wound in her left front. She was barely walking and needed some serious help. Chris came out to see her and cleaned up her hooves and packed the wound. He then came out about a week later to pull the packing out and it had already started to look better. Then came the long, tedious effort of soaking her hoof, applying durasole, keeping it clean, and having Chris pick away at the puncture wound until the points of separation were all found. Even after a week of soaking her hoof, applying the durasole, and wrapping it, Kate’s hoof look ten times better. Chris would go out of his way to take a trip out to see my mare and check that her hoof was healing properly and would even work on it a little while he was there. After about 6 weeks, he came out for her regular trim and spent a good half hour on that left front, carefully finding the edges of the separation and cleaning out the puncture. It was during this visit we finally found almost all of the separation points and Chris was able to level out her sole. Unfortunately, the puncture extends out through her heel so we have to wait on that to grow out on it’s own. It’s now been almost 4 months and Kate is almost completely sound and is certainly much happier. We still have a little ways to go with that hoof, but I’m happy to say that Chris took what seemed like a hopeless mess and restored it to it’s full potential. Throughout the whole ordeal Chris was always available to talk, even when I was panicking at the state of my horse’s hoof. He explained everything he did and why he was doing it along the way and made sure that I completely understood everything that was happening with my mare’s hoof. He never hesitated to come out and look at her hoof even if it was over something silly that I thought was the end of the world and always made the effort to come check on her or call me on his time off just to see that she was okay. He also had the kind grace and manners to deal with my horse despite the fact that she spent most of their visits rearing. He never once got frustrated or mad at my mare for being difficult and I truly appreciate everything he has done for her and I. He is the best farrier I have ever worked with and I can now say that no one will ever touch my mare’s hooves except for Chris.
Rachel Hall

Chris Marinin is an excellent farrier that takes pride in his work and does a great job. He is always keeping up with the latest in hoof care and truly cares about each horse he works with. Chris, I appreciate you taking the time to explain to me proper foot care and how important hoof trimmings are. I enjoy learning about the hoof and how it works. Your price is reasonable and I enjoy having you work with Rap and he loves it too!

Ashley Harvey

When my new owner bought me, I had shoes on my front feet. I was not happy to have someone pound nails into me. So my new owner decided to have me go barefoot. So she found Chris. The transition to barefoot made me a little sore, but it sure beat having shoes put on. Chris was gentle to me and helped us throughout the transition. He even suggested boots for me to wear. Which at first I thought was a little silly. but boy did they help on those gravel roads! I was trotting on rocks and didn't mind it at all. Now it's been 8 months and I can walk over those rocks no problem without my boots. Chris is gentle and makes my feet look and feel great. Even with a little nibble from me, he still likes me. Thanks Chris, see you soon!