Dedicated to helping provide balance to a horse's life. 

Farrier Services, specializing in barefoot hoofcare in all of Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Northern Connecticut and Northern Rhode Island

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Massachusetts Farrier specializing in Barefoot Trimming and HoofCare

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Barefoot Trimming Services

Minis, Standard Horses or Drafts, Contact me for pricing

MA based Farrier specializing in Barefoot Trimming to help balance the whole horseIf the trimming session goes beyond the first hour a fee per hour will be charged each hour after. This could be due to a horse that has not had properly maintained hooves, shoe removal, a misbehaving horse and other possible issues, this rarely happens though.

If you are more than 30-40 minutes driving time from North Brookfield MA, a travel fee could be charged. This will be determined in the initial consultation and discussion.
User-friendly and affordable for the treatment of hoof problems (structural wall failure).
Casting adds temporary wear protection and support to the whole hoof capsule.
Whether these equine hoof problems originated naturally or by man doings,
casting (Equicast) helps support the whole hoof capsule, this added support does
help grow stronger healthier hoof walls and soles. Our products and wrapping methods
have been designed to assist nature in restoring healthy and effective biomechanics necessary for sustainable and healthy growth.

Boot Sizing
CSM HoofCare is an official EasyCare dealerCavallo Hoof BootsCSM HoofCare is an official Renegade Hoof Boot Dealer

If you are interested in purchasing hoof boots for your horse, I will gladly assist you in measuring and recommending the best type of boots needed for your riding style.

If you are having your horse trimmed boot sizing is free of charge.

If you are not a regular client and want your horse's hooves measured for boots please contact me for pricing and availability. Also note, that the hooves need to be freshly trimmed to get the best measurements for boots.

I work with several hoof boot manufacturers to give you a wide variety of different fits, makes and models. Currently I am a Cavallo Associate, EasyCare Official Dealer and a Renegade Hoof Boot Practitioner Dealer. While I do not carry a lot of inventory,  I would be more than happy to help size your horse and order you the boots that would best fit your riding needs

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Soaking Boot Rental Program
EasyCare Official Dealer and Barefoot Hoofcare Provider based in Central Massachusetts

Does your horse have an abscess? Will he or she not keep their hoof in the bucket to soak? Does he or she have an open wound you want to medicate.  How often do these problems come up? Usually not often. Renting a soaking boot is a great solution. I have sizes from small to XXXL.

Existing Clients - $5 a week per boot
Not a client not a problem - $10 a week per boot.

If you have questions or want to setup an appointment call
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Forms of Payment Accepted
CSM HoofCare accepts a variety of payment options for farrier/trimming services and all other products carried
Onsite Credit Card payment for trimming is dependent on area cellular service and is also subject to an additional 3% fee
Returned Checks will be subject to an additional $25 Fee as well as the amount the check was originally written for