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Farrier and Horse Join Up

This past weekend I got a chance to work with a few horses that can be rather challenging to trim. I have seen more and more horse owners turning to me to help them work with their horse, to help soften them if you will. I do understand this is not traditionally part of a farriers job, but being a newer farrier I have been exposed to many ill mannered horses and have done as much training as possible how to handle these horses and how to communicate with them. That being said I feel that it almost my obligation to try and help especially when asked to help.

I have not just studied one persons method training but I do regularly use Monty Roberts and Clinton Anderson's training methods in my practice. Both are very different methods, so getting to know the owner as well as the horse will help you determine what method to use.

I encourage my clients to work with local area trainers that specialize in ground work. One of the trainers I have learned from is Michelle Kellicker from Eclipse Ranch in Barre Massachusetts. If you know Michelle you know her passion for training. She helped start my desire to learn more about the benefits of ground work and especially how it would help me as a farrier.

If your horse does not stand quietly for your farrier, there are so many methods to help with this that you can learn on your own. Please know the first thing is to remove frustration from your mind. If you become angry or frustrated the training will never go as planned.

Depending on the time I have, I will start by moving the horses feet backwards and forwards. I go through several of the basic join up exercises that Monty Roberts teaches. Most of all I take my time and stay calm. If you have a difficult horse the entire trim might not happen in one appointment.

If the horse needs more work and time that you as the owner cannot commit to I again would encourage you to seek out a local trainer like Michelle.

If you have the time but are unsure what to do check out these links below. Both have a wealth of info on them.

I try and never limit myself to one style of anything. I keep my mind as open as possible. One method might not work on a horse so I want to make sure I have multiple tricks up my sleeve all the time.

The moral of all of this is, work with your horse! Bond with him or her so they listen and are willing to do what you ask of them. If they are out of your comfort zone get a professional to help you through it. Training can be fun and exciting as long as both the horse and handler stay safe.

If you have any question or want more detail on the Join Up methods I use with horses to help me in my Farrier work please go to the contact page and send me and email. I will gladly answer any question you might have.