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ICAR Smith's 15" Hoof Nipper

ICAR Smith's 15" Nipper
Made of the highest quality Italian tool steel in Italy.
ICAR Smith's 15" Nippers working on a hoof
I was given the chance to demo a pair of the new ICAR Smith's 15" Nippers from Well-Shod. My favorite hoof nippers to date are my 15" GE's. Now being used to the 15" GE Nippers the first thing I noticed while taking the ICAR Smith's out of the package was the size of the head. It is slightly larger than the GE's are. The Jaws on the 15" ICAR's are roughly an 1/8" deeper as well. The next noticeable thing I saw was the ICAR's are not riveted together like most hoof nippers. It appears they are bolted together. The last small difference was the weight, it was noticeable but barely that the ICAR 15" Nippers were slightly heavier than my 15" GE's. After testing the weight the ICARs are roughly 1oz heavier than the 15" GE's. After reviewing the differences between the two nippers I headed out to trim some hooves. The ICAR Smith's preformed wonderfully, especially on the bigger feet. The reins were comfortable in my hand and gave just enough while squeezing them. The larger jaws were very helpful on the bigger hooves, but they did prove to be a bit bulky on the smaller horses trimmed that day. The edges seemed to stay very sharp but without using them for a longer period of time I would not be able to compare them to the GE's on this. The hard part to swallow is the pricing. Retail for these nippers is $240 but can be bought from Well-Shod for $210.00. The GE Nippers which have a great reputation and have been around for a long time sell retail for $252.00 but can be had for $205.00. It is nice to see that the ICAR Nippers are now coming in a variety of sizes and options now as well. In closing, I think the ICAR 15" Nippers would be great to use on the bigger horses and a welcome addition to any farriers toolbox. Only time will tell if they will hold up and compare to the GE Nippers. As of right now they have some great features and only a few drawbacks. If you have the extra money and want to try a new pair of nippers I don't think you would be sorry.
ICAR 15 Inch Nipper15 Inch ICAR Nippers have Wide Jaw

ICAR Nippers Wide OpenICAR Nipper Jaw Close Up

Full View ICAR Hoof NippersJaws of ICAR Nippers
ICAR Nippers Bolted TogetherICAR Hoof nippers made from Italian tool Steel
ICAR Hoof NippersICAR Hoof Nippers