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What the Farrier Expects

Something I am seeing more and more of lately is that horse owners all have different views of what their farrier expects of them.

First as a farrier, my job is to show up on time and be ready to work. I understand that my clients time is valuable. So if you were to ask any of my clients I am usually early for my appointments. That gives me time to sharpen my hoof knife, put my chaps on and just get everything in working order. Plus it gives me time to talk with the owner and see if there are any issues with the horse I need to know before starting work.

What I expect from my clients is that the horse is haltered and waiting for me either with a live handler or cross tied. If the owner wants to pick the horses feet out prior to my arrival that would be great also. This way the owner has seen the hooves prior to my work.

I always try and book my next appointment before I leave because I know how hard scheduling can be for someone. If you are not able to keep the appointment I would like a call at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. I understand emergencies happen of course. Just as if I cannot keep the appointment I will notify you at least 24 hours before. If I am running late I will contact you to keep you in the loop and why. Again I would ask for the same courtesy.

Basically time is valuable, have common courtesy and communication is key!!!

Farrier and owner both working for the good of the horse is always a winning combination.