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Trimming/Shoeing Frequency

A question I get frequently from new customers as well as existing customers is how often should my horse be getting his or her hooves worked on. 

In my FAQ page I answer this question briefly (See below). 

MA Based Farrier/Barefoot Trimmer displaying an untrimmed barefoot hoof
Q. How often should I have my horse trimmed or shod?
A. The real answer is it depends on the horse. Some horses grow faster than others. It depends on the work the horse is doing, the terrain the horse is traveling on, and the health of the horse. You will find that an average rule for them is between 6 and 8 weeks.

I try and stress to all my existing customers how important it is to keep a normal schedule for trimming. Many horses range in the time frame they need to be worked on. I have a few bigger horses that get a great deal of movement and turnout and these guys get done every 2 months. I have others that are trimmed every 5 weeks. The only way to know for sure is to get a good baseline trim and watch the hoof grow and then determine when the hoof needs to be worked on. One things to always remember is never let the hoof get to the point where you say wow that needs to be trimmed.

Keeping the hoof in good shape not only benefits the horse but will also benefit the owner.

If you have any questions on developing a good routine please feel free to contact me.